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ADA Comply 2.0 OTO Details

OTO1 ==>Pro Version

Gives You Instant Unlimited Personal Use of ADA Comply On All Your Websites! Unlimited Use of ADA Comply on All Your Personal Sites – so you can use ADA Comply forever without limitation. Doesn’t matter if it’s the year 2020 or 2080. ADA Comply is here to stay and even then you’ll be able to log in and add your sites to make them all ADA compliant.

OTO2 ==>Agency Kit 1

If You Think This Is Your ‘Normal’ Run of The Mill Agency Offer Like You’ve Seen A Thousand Times – Think Again. I know you want to get access to ADA Comply and ADA Comply Pro (if you picked up that upgrade. If you didn’t, you need to. It’s that important.). However, how would you like the ability to unlock a brand new income stream by helping other website owners and businesses protect themselves as well? It’s the same method that my good friend has used to put a full year’s worth of salary in his bank account in only 7 weeks.

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OTO4 ==>Reseller License

Right now, there’s a limited-time opportunity to sell access to ADA Comply and keep all the profits for yourself. ​ And since you already know that this is a truly hot service that the market desperately needs and that there’s so much profit in the disabled market, you could literally unlock a brand new income stream starting in the next 24 hours…or less.

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What is ADA Comply 2.0

Video review F0r Front End Only



it’s been here in this video I’m going to be doing a review of a DA comply 2.0 this is a cloud-based app that makes websites ad a compliant and includes new lead generation tools in this 2.0 version to help you land clients to sell your ad a compliant services so what does that mean what’s a DA can plant that means Americans with Disabilities Act was put in forth by the government and basically states that if you’re a business you need to make your website more compliant to people with disabilities that includes people who are deaf people who are color blind people who can see well yes this is a real thing and yes people are getting sued for not putting this for now I’m not saying that like your website with like a small amount of traffic is actually gonna be sued by anyone or by the government this is mostly like bigger businesses that are getting sued and unfortunately mostly it’s because they have money and people just want to take money from them it’s the way it kind of works here in America but unfortunately this is a thing that’s happening people can sue the business if they if they were a disability they try to go on the website to order something they couldn’t get it they could sue them the government could sue them if they wanted to or not this is a real law you can look up so this software isn’t so much for your own website unless you’re getting tons and tons of visitors this is more for selling to bigger businesses that are afraid they might be sued they need to get compliant or they’re actually at risk they make enough money that they’re actually at risk for someone suing them so an example of how they could be sued was say you find a plumber company someone who’s deaf attempt to get their plumbing fixed or their heating picks their heat goes out they can’t read the website it’s not for it’s not a DEA compliant for deaf people there they get really cold and get a sickness that lends in the hospital they can sue the plumbing company because they couldn’t they were deaf so what you can do is you can go ahead and help these businesses avoid lawsuits the way you do that is all you have to do is log into the software this is the home section hit get started just enter your website here I’m going to show you one that I have this set up on and then you have to do is hit next and copy this code and you can go ahead and customize some of your settings now I have a website here that has the ad a compliant on it what it will do is show up as this little box up here and if people click it they have all these accessibility settings that are that the government says you need to have in place for example if you can’t see your blind you can change the site to text-to-speech so it will read off the text if you’re color blind it will change the color fonts to display in clutters that you can read you can magnify things that you’re a senior citizen and have disabilities you can make the curser bigger or smaller like this basically there’s all these different things and you can customize these and all you have to do is tell businesses that you will install this on their site so 80-acre compliant 1.0 ad a comply software or basically put this little widget on the site now the 2.0 version allows you to find people who need this and our risk of being sued the way they do this where you can help them is you can go to source businesses under a keyword like the plumber example find plumbing businesses that are making a decent amount of money they could be sued by someone who is blind she’s in your location we’ll just pick any other page from here and then hit some submit start she’s gonna go out there and find plumber companies and show you how much they’re actually making as to how much they’re the software thing estimates that they’re making each year oh right so here’s one they’re making quite a bit concern coming service in Atlanta to the website and we can go ahead and view all their information then with one click we can generate a web accessibility report basically the software will take the URL go through it and see hey are you making it accessible for blind people are you making it accessible for colorblind like how BIG’s the cursor how BIG’s the font and then you can generate these compliance reports so here’s one I did for jvzoo let’s view it and you can see they’re in risk of being sued for a number of things for example here’s one that’s most severity here’s one that’s bigger this has to do with like the color blindness it’s not colorblind friendly this one is contrast is really bad they need to make stuff bigger and you can go ahead and export this PDF and then send it to them so you can say hey you guys are at risk of being sued there’s this real thing called a da Americans with Disabilities Act we can just install this for like filing the box it’s just little thing that’s gonna appear at the bottom of your screen and then you’re good to go for years to just pay us a yearly fee to maintain it and it’s pretty easy I have to do is copy that code in one click and then you’re done so it’s a pretty easy sell and I imagine if you message a lot of those businesses you’re gonna at least get a couple that just want to be safe and when I have the disability thing and you can send them this lead report that shows hey yeah you are we’re at risk or getting in trouble so if this is something that you want to add to your portfolio to sell as a service you can definitely do that I think ten thousand businesses got sued and I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot more coming up so there’s definitely an opportunity here now if you already have this and you want to upgrade to the lead source which is really cool you can buy it through my link you can click through my link and then there’ll be a coupon for upgraders on the site if this is your first time buying it then you’ll just get access to the 2.0 version with everything I just showed you in this review now there will be some upgrades including like a fancy license to the way to white label this so you don’t see like a DA comply whenever agency clients login to set up the things for themselves and you can check that out whenever you buy the front end version afterward just wanna be transparent and tell you that there are some ot OHS that you will be shown if you want to get access to or not so overall that’s how it works thanks for watching hopefully there’s cleared up what exactly 88 comply is who what type of business it would specifically be right for and I’ll talk to you again soon