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DFY Suite 2.0 OTO HERE -FIRST OTO is DFY Suite 2.0 Agency , You Can Easily Get Any OTO you Want But FE ( Front End – DFY Suite 2.0 ) is Necessary Before Purchase DFY Suite 2.0 OTO, Second Surge OTO is DFY Suite 2.0 Indexer, OTO 3 is DFY DFY Suite 2.0+ MyVideoSpy Elite qt And The Last One is Forth OTO DFY Suite 2.0 + Video Chief Upgrade, All OTOs’ links and details below.

DFY Suite 2.0 OTO

DFY Suite 2.0 OTO

Front End ==>DFY Suite 2.0 FE

DFY Suite 2.0 OTO1 ==>: DFY Suite 2.0 Agency

DFY Suite 2.0 OTO2 ==> DFY Suite 2.0 Indexer

DFY Suite 2.0 OTO3 ==> DFY Suite 2.0+ MyVideoSpy Elite qt

DFY Suite 2.0 OTO4 ==>DFY Suite 2.0 + Video Chief

DFY Suite 2.0 OTO

DFY Suite 2.0 DFY Suite 2.0 OTO 1 : This Provide Is 100% Danger Free To You If at any level earlier than the 30 days you are feeling that DFY Suite isn’t best for you simply shoot us an electronic mail and also you’ll by no means get billed once more! Heck, we’ll even provide you with again your $1 if you happen to’d like., Simply think about how way more revenue and visitors you’ll be getting by figuring out that you just’ll have DFY Suite at your fingertips each single month. Sounds superior, proper? Yea we expect so too Your opponents will NEVER know what hit’em! However earlier than we ship you off to the members space there’s one VERY essential factor so that you can think about earlier than submitting your campaigns to DFY Suite. With DFY Suite 2.zero Company it is possible for you to to EXTEND The Quantity Of Hyperlinks To Your Campaigns From 250 to 500 Net-links PER Marketing campaign that you just Submit! And The Greatest Half Is,


DFY Suite 2.0 DFY Suite 2.0 OTO 2: Google is able to crawl and index your syndication campaigns,, DFY Suite 2.0 Indexer is one Extra Feature Can Produce Up To 80% Faster Rankings Without Any Extra ‘Work’ On Your Part. And the best part is Building links with content syndication will get you ranked on page 1 of Google, When you do that, which means the difference between ranking on page 1 or page 2. but combine content syndication with Indexing and you’ve got the ultimate recipe for ranking on page 1 of Google at WILL! Simply put, Indexing is boosting the authority of your social syndication by building links to them! , we’ve got this secret weapon built right into DFY Suite, which makes it nearly impossible not to rank on page 1 of Google. Building links with content syndication will get you ranked on page 1 of Google

DFY Suite 2.0 DFY Suite 2.0 OTO 3: the FASTER you can have content to rank, the quicker you’re going to get results. And creating a video marketing campaign within MyVideoSpy takes 90 seconds MAX. DFY Suite 2.0+ MyVideoSpy Elite qt To Get Page 1 Video Rankings In The Next 24-48 Hours. And With The Special You’re Gonna Get On This Page, You’ll Soon Have The Ultimate Combination Of Video Marketing Power. Because at the end of the day,

DFY Suite 2.0 DFY Suite 2.0 OTO 4

ClickAgency OTO

What is ClickAgency ?

The Demo

When you do that, Google is able to crawl and index your syndication campaigns, which means the difference between ranking on page 1 or page 2.

The syndication links we build for you will NEVER help you rank if Google doesn’t crawl or “know about them.

It’s been proven that when you do any sort of syndication to your sites or videos only about 20-25% of those links ever pass any ranking juice to the web property you’re trying to rank.

Content From This Demo Video

hey guys josh is more here with a quick demo video of my new dump for you sweet platform now dumping your suite will allow you to get free targeted buyer traffic in 48 hours or less by leveraging the power of high-quality social syndication with this brand-new dumper you system so yes you can now leverage the power of page 1 rankings via social syndication with no software to install no software training to learn no previous SEO knowledge or experience no social account creation needed no content needed besides your URL no proxies your captures needed none of that stuff we’ve simplified the entire social syndication process so that anyone can tap into the power of page 1 rankings even if you suck at SEO or are brand new to the subject and you’ll be able to rank your videos on page 1 do some launch jacking for quick cash rank your niche sites rank your e-commerce sites on page 1 rank your Amazon listings rank your client sites rank your clients videos since you’ll be getting agency license as a free bonus pretty much you’ll be able to use done-for-you suite to rank any URL you’d like to get traffic for now if you know anything about SEO you know there’s pretty much three steps to the process keyword research on page optimization and syndication and backlink for the most part syndication and backlinking is always the toughest the hardest and the most time-consuming of all three steps it’s usually the one thing that usually stops people from achieving the results that they’re looking for which is page 1 rankings and pretty much is because of the process that it takes for the most part you have to purchase a software that allows you to do the syndication you have to go through all the tutorial videos and learn how to use it you actually have to provide content or write content for each campaign that you submit you have to create social accounts and usually it’s about 25 30 40 or even 50 accounts that you have to create to be able to start using the software and you have to pay for CAPTCHAs and proxies to be able to get a good success ratio we’re done for you sweet you don’t have to do any of that and the best part is that if you’re watching this demo video that means that you’re here during our special 2.0 grand opening and with our 2.0 grand opening we may have done for you so we better faster and more powerful to deliver you even more page 1 rankings on a silver platter with our 2.0 grand opening special we have doubled our sights doubled our authority doubled our ranking power we have also doubled the platform’s doubled the variations and doubled the speed of rankings we have added a done-for-you video embedding for even faster video rankings and much much more so let me go ahead and jump into the demo video and show you how simple this is okay now before I actually jump into this let me quickly show you a couple of rankings that I got way back in October of 2019 and I just want to show you something real quick all I did was submit this these two videos to dump for you sweet and they each got a hundred links each that dumping use we built to them for me automatically and let me just quickly show you because one thing that always people always ask us is do these ranking stick so I went ahead and created these two campaigns back then as a case study and I just want to show you something real quick so that you can see that not only are these videos ranking but I’m getting multiple rankings for these keywords with the videos that I submitted and done-for-you sweet that absolutely everything for me so once then here you can see this is the keyword that I searched for not just one but two page one rankings and here same thing at the very top not one but two page 1 rankings ok so let me go ahead and come in here and show you exactly how this works all you really have to do is come in here create campaign and this is literally all you have to do you have to give your campaign a name so usually I like to name it the keyword that I’m targeting you have to enter your URL so I’m just gonna go ahead and do google.com as an example here is the keywords that you are gonna be using so Google Google SEO Google Video okay here is one of the new 2.0 features that we have added which is an optional feature for you if you want to leverage that which is very powerful for getting your videos ranked which is having us do all of your video embedding for you across hundreds of different sites ok so all you have to do is activate this feature and here’s where you are going to have where you’re going to submit your YouTube video you you want to have embedded across our network and from there we take it from there and we will embed your video URL across all of our network but not just that you will also get a hyperlink for your YouTube video as well so you’re getting two things you’re getting a backlink and you’re getting a done-for-you video embed as well and here is as we had in 1.0 we can write the content for you to be used with your campaign or if you want to supply your content you can just turn it off and supply the content here this is another thing that we did in our 2.0 feature we have greatly improved the content that we are supplying for your campaigns so that you can get even more effective results with the campaigns you’ll be submitting with done-for-you suite ok here is the link quantity this is how many links you want us to build for the URLs that you are submitting and this is a hundred percent up to you okay depending on which package you purchase it’s gonna show different options that you can submit here okay right now I have this account set to a maximum of 100 links that we can build to the campaign that we are submitting however you have the option to choose between 25 50 75 and 100 for this particular account however for a 2.0 which is if you’re watching this video we have just released our 2.0 feature this is gonna be extended up to 200 links that you’ll be able to submit for each of your URLs and of course you’ll still be able to select in 25 link increments depending on the competition of the keywords that you’re targeting you’ll adjust that accordingly okay obviously if the keyword is a little bit more competitive you may want it to build more links so with 2.0 you will be able to increase this all the way up to 200 and if you purchase our upgrade offer which is upgrade offer number one you’ll increase this number to up to 500 links that we can build for you for the each of your campaigns that you’ll be submitting okay with our drip feed option you also have the ability to drip-feed your links that we’ll be building for you and again all depends on what kind of campaign you’re submitting whether you’re submitting a new site on each side of video whatever it may be you’ll be able to select how long you want us to drip feeder campaign for okay and it’ll go up to 21 days and depending on which account you purchased you’ll be able to choose how long we create how long we drip feed your campaign for okay and on the final option that we have here is our for us to do some additional indexing for your campaigns as well this is another upgrade offer that you’ll be able to unlock and all you’ll have to do is simply activate this feature here and we will do further indexing for all the links that we built for you which will give you even more results okay so this is an optional upgrade make sure you pay attention to that video once you get to it since we do explain a little bit more about what indexing is okay and once you’re done doing all of that all you literally have to do let me turn this off for now and just hit create and that is it okay from here our camp our system will start processing your campaign based on all the information you provided and it’ll give you a progress bar here to show you how far along it is and it’ll show completed once it’s done okay and from here you’ll be able to also download your campaigns in text or CSV format if you want to provide reports to your client of using it for client purposes we also have information here about our network our stats our authority the page Authority and every all the information about the sites that we send the Kate to as well and that is pretty much it that is done for you suite in a nutshell it’s pretty much one of the simplest but one of the most powerful platforms and you can get access to because again we aren’t doing absolutely everything for you to get you page 1 rankings for both Google and YouTube so if you haven’t yet done so go ahead and click the link below get access to this and also make sure you pay attention to the bonuses that we are offering during this 2.0 offer because those are very valuable and very limited time bonuses that you will not be to get outside of this 2.0 grand opening so make sure you pay attention to that and we look forward to seeing you inside of dumper you sweet

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