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The Lockdown Formula OTO HERE – FIRST OTO IS Pro Version, You Can Easily Get Any OTO you Want But Front End is Necessary Before Purchase The Lockdown Formula OTO , The Lockdown Formula OTO 2 is  6x Super Solos, Third OTO OF  Lockdown Formula IS Quadruple Reseller Rights And The Final One is The Lockdown Formula OTO 4  DFY Set Up and Coaching… All OTO’s Links and Details Below…

Fornt End ==>The Lockdown Formula FE

OTO1 ==>Pro Version

OTO2 ==>6x Super Solos

OTO3 ==>Quadruple Reseller Rights

OTO4 ==>DFY Set Up and Coaching

The Lockdown Formula OTO


First OTO is  :Pro Version :

You’re going to get 6 x Completed For You campaigns so as to add their hyperlinks to. Fee Gorilla NOT Required , pages will probably be hosted for them. Every web page consists of evaluate video, product demo and bonuses delivered on their behalf. The “Professional” model additionally provides you UNLIMITED entry to the squeeze web page builder from the FE

SECOND OTO IS 6x Super Solos :

You possibly can ship 6 solos to the members in any respect 25 of The MMO membership websites, with a mixed membership of over 16,000 folks.

Third OTO is Quadruple Reseller Rights:

Promote The Lockdown Method + three of my earlier Merchandise (Web Advertising Alphabet, Cougar Commissions + Puma Merchandise) as your personal merchandise and hold 100% of the commissions throughout the complete funnels.

Forth OTO is DFY Set Up and Coaching

You’ll have their gross sales pages arrange for them, and in addition obtain 2-Three skype teaching classes with me, to ensure that they can promote their provides appropriately and earn cash from day one.


The Lockdown Formula OTO

Lockdown Formula ?

You’ll discover ways to rapidly become profitable on-line, utilizing a easy to arrange system with primary squeeze pages taking individuals to a suggestion. Full visitors technology coaching may even be included. Folks selecting up The Lockdown Method may be beginning to become profitable on-line in lower than 24 hours.

See precisely how one can flip the The Lockdown Method course of into passive money, with no guessing or lacking items.

Introduction to the coaching, What’s Affiliate Advertising?,  The principle Affiliate Networks, Find out how to discover presents and get accepted, The Lockdown Method Technique Half 1 – Unique Software program for college kids, The Lockdown Method Technique Half 2 – Apply to advertise a Warrior Plus product, The Lockdown Method Technique Half three – Find out how to drive visitors to our presents

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The log down formula review and 3297 dollar bonus hey what’s up guys this is art from art of marketing vlog and this face mask is needed because we are in the pandemic obviously but also because of this product it’s called the lockdown formula and it’s being released by Jono Armstrong and it’s about making money during the pandemic so while you’re staying at home you have nothing else to do why not make some money and this is the easiest formula out there because it focuses on fluid marketing okay so essentially you grab your link send some traffic to it and make money okay so this is simple and fast to actually implement okay so I’m going to show everything there is to know about it and I have a huge three thousand two hundred and ninety seven dollar bonus stood including software’s including a reseller license including multiple dollars of the day ordered products so let me share my screen and let’s jump into this day lockdown formula review and this is the sales page so as you can see we have Jono right here in a face mask and as you can see it says they lockdown formula how to quickly turn a spare time into daily passive income without any previous experience so again recession and chris’s proof takes just minutes per day and backed by real results now the cool thing about making money online is that you don’t have to leave your home so actually during this whole quarantine this whole lockdown nothing really changed for me apart you know being able to go to the gym I’m still doing the same thing and I’m actually making more money now because a lot of people want to get into making money online so this is what you can start doing and why you can start making money right now so obviously you know they talk about the crazies here and this is released by Jono David and addiction so free marketers well-known you probably know them scrolling down so they have tons of proof okay so David made thirty thousand dollars in the last 30 days journal made a hundred thousand dollars in the rest thirty days incision made a hundred thousand dollars between January and April so you know the stuff that these guys are doing actually works and you’re gonna get I’m going to show the inside in a second okay so again the logon for moi does the name of this new product and some testimonials some bonuses and 30 days money back guarantee as always that’s essentially it obviously can go through within your own time let me show you the inside okay so first of all what you’re gonna get is training on affiliate marketing okay and then traffic training is actually separate so we have the welcome video we have the overview of the lockdown formula introduction to the training what is affiliate marketing the main affiliate networks how to find offers and get approved and now we have the lock down for my method part one two and three okay so this is everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to set it up how to actually build the list while you are in making commissions so it’s a very very smart way of actually doing affiliate marketing instead of just grabbing your link in sending traffic to okay then we have resources and in resources you can see we get Tigers traffic so you are actually getting a second complete course all about traffic and inside Tigers traffic you’re getting a total of ten different methods okay so this is how you’re going to be generating all the traffic for that log down formula okay so let me go through all of the math is right here so as you can see we have the overview then traffic method number one mailers number two traffic exchanges number three Facebook number four Quora number five classified ad boards number six blogging number seven youtube number eight LinkedIn number nine reddit and number ten email signatures and obviously you can use just one or two or three or all ten of these methods now if you think you know I’ve heard about this I’ve seen this before this is actually something that is pull out of a case study okay so it’s not like someone just tells you you know okay you can generate traffic from reddit David actually goes inside and he shows you exactly how to do it okay so you got ten different traffic methods and again even if you already know one or two you know all ten it’s a perfect mix and they are all free so you don’t have to invest anything in traffic okay so that’s all the traffic methods then we have a conclusion right here so just a video to end this whole lockdown formula product and that’s essentially it so again you’re getting two different things you’re getting all the affiliate marketing training and you’re getting all the traffic training traffic is free and as you can see we also have some upgrades right here so let’s talk about all of the upgrades and the pricing okay so the lockdown formula will be 997 okay so guys less than $10 it’s the no-brainer you know you’re actually getting a total of two courses and you’re getting ten different free traffic methods with case that is okay so no-brainer 997 and keep in mind this is the early bird price of the price will go up after the launch upgrade number one $27 we have the lockdown formula Pro so right here you’re getting a total of six temporary campaigns all you have to do is use at your links to them you also going to get product reviews product demos bonuses to add to DS and unlimited access to a squeeze squeeze page builder okay oh and by the way what I didn’t mention is that you are getting a squeeze page builder software with the lockdown formula okay so this is how we’re going to be building your B squeeze pages and where you’re gonna be sending the traffic to now we have the lockdown formula upgrade number to $47 and as you can see this is 6x super solo so so here you’re actually going to be able to send a solo ad which is an email with your link in it to the members of a 25 of generals membership sites okay so they have 16,000 people inside and you can actually send six emails to these members okay so that’s 47 dollars then we have upgrade number three $67 and this is the lockdown formula quadruple reseller slice so what you’re getting is actually resellers license to deliver on formula plus free additional products okay so not one research license but a total of four $67.00 very very low price on this and lastly we have upgrade number for $197 and this is the log down formula down for you setup and coaching so here you’re gonna get your sales pages is set up for you you’re gonna receive up to three skype coaching sessions and you can obviously promote all of this this is done for you and these guys will help you out personally okay so guys as always audios are optional and you’ll be fine move the main product alone it’s nine ninety seven total no-brainer but again maybe if you want the pro version or the resellers which is a resource for a total of four products then you can definitely pick one of these up now let me show you all of my bonuses and if you want to get all of these bonuses all you have to do is just pick up the lock down formula through my link you should pick it up anyway so why not get all of these bonuses from me for free just as a thank you for picking up through my link okay so the lockdown formula goes live at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on April 13th first of all I’m going to give you free custom-made bonuses and these free custom-made bonuses are about three different traffic sources that you can send to your affiliate offers okay so you’re getting ten traffic formulas with the traffic part of the lockdown formula you’re getting an additional free from me okay now I’m also going to give you a resellers license to three of my top selling products instead of its traffic dropper and traffic extractor so as you saw you know normally these go for at least sixty seven to one hundred ninety seven dollars and you’re getting a total of free from me you also gonna get buyers list ninja my own course on how to generate a buyers list create a buyer’s list okay so this is an exclusive bonus from me you’re also going to get urgency suits Pro which is a piece of software for affiliate marketers an absolute must-have and it’s twenty seven dollars right now I’m also going to be a bunch of doubles of the day and product of the day awarded courses The Lost code the fuego multiplier the secret weapon way go breakout Commission blueprint launch jacking Instagram market marketing made profitable 10x commissions take a 10k online a month blaze flipped me cube traffic avalanche and a case study on free traffic and I’m not done because you’re also getting a total of 20 plugins and software’s on top of all this ok so a full advantage plug-in giant plugin with sales page writing software squeeze page creator a true tags is pub box sales bar shortcode call to action client extractor image grab viral sweet action simulator Facebook audience builder instant publisher pin book Sochi tracker traffic over Facebook traffic engine and Facebook photo contest now that’s a total of 41 bonuses but I’m not done because you are getting my make up bonus as well so my mega bonus is a total of 45 plus values of the day and product of the day awarded courses and my mega bonus alone is Wharf $1500 and you can go and check it out by going to art of marketing blog that come slashing mega bonus so check it out and this will mean that you’re getting a total of three thousand two hundred and ninety seven dollars again all for free just as a thank you for picking up the lockdown formula through my link and it’s only 997 so a pretty crazy deal and as always guys I have a full written review right here so this will include the funnel this will include you know all of these written parts if you like to read through a review and a part of just watching this review video and right now let’s sum up this day lockdown formula review so this is something that has a recession and crazes proof okay so proof is in the pudding you know affiliate marketers or you know online marketers are making more money than ever because everyone is stuck at home and they have nothing else to do but you know try to use all of these online tools and online courses and you know try to learn try to get into making money online so everyone is making more money it takes just minutes per day to set up it’s backed by real results from free top marketers step-by-step simple no experience needed does the big one you can live the laptop lifestyle obviously and you get a 30 days money-back guarantee which means there is no risk and again the press is 997 guys you know total no-brainer what I don’t like about the lockdown formula the only thing that I could think about is that once you’re inside you might think okay are we ever really seen this okay so I’ve seen the traffic my face I’ve seen you know courses about affiliate marketing but with that being said the lockdown formula is based on case studies from Journal from David and from zeeshan free top markers and they are making money this way so you know don’t try to reinvent the wheel if they are making money this way you can make money this way and again you know the first impression might be or I’ve seen this before but did you actually implement it and did you actually see results does the big question so just follow the step by step training 280 and you will see results it’s almost guaranteed okay so guys again check out my full written review including all of these bonuses I got for you and again the log down formula is going live at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on April 13th and before you go let me show you how to claim my bonus all you have to do is go to your purchase history right here on warrior + click on the log down formula and then below the button that says access your purchase you should see never button saying bonuses from art and this is done automatically so you don’t have to send me emails or receipts and I really like it because I know that a ton of you guys are stuck at home and maybe you’ve even lost your job and you know you’re just trying to make some extra money online just to help to pay the bills I’ve been there I know how it feels I know it sucks but the good news is you know you can pick this up for less than ten bucks and start making money of this in the hundreds per day okay soldiers you need tunnel vision focus on this this works it works for me it works for journal with work transition and David it works for you know a number of different people that are focused on it okay so just don’t buy it and jump from one course to the next to the next don’t buy an average the next day by this lockdown formula and you should see results with it just focus on this okay so we haz good luck over it if you have any questions please let me know in the one section please lag this video on YouTube please subscribe to the channel for more reviews just like this one and I’ll be seeing you shortly in the next review video job

The Lockdown Formula OTO